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    While we are strongly opposed to censorship, we do ask that you respect a few guidelines:

    (1) For legal reasons, we aren’t allowed to make health claims. Just to be safe, we’re asking that you avoid it as well. You are more than welcome to disclose your personal experiences, what actual studies have shown, etc. Just refrain from using definitive statements like, “CBD cures this…”

    (2) Verbally abusive commenters (trolls) will not be tolerated. Profanity IS permitted, just please be respectful. This website is for adults; if you behave like a child, we’ll just assume you are one and give you the boot.

    (3) Please don’t advertise for your company or any company that is paying you. Full disclosure: we are 100% guilty of that. GetCBDdeals would not be able to operate without affiliate links and advertising (that’s how we pay the bills!). But that doesn’t mean the forums are a free platform for you to promote your brand, especially if you are masquerading as a regular consumer. The opposite is also true: if you work in the industry, this is not an open forum for you to trash your competition.

    (4) Please do not post links to sites that sell ANYTHING. Again, this is just to minimize the possibility of companies using the forum to promote their brands. Outbound links to news sites and studies/articles are fine.

    (5) Do not post personal information about yourself (address, phone #, email, social media links, etc.). Believe me, you don’t want that stuff just floating around the internet for anyone to see.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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