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Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI

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    Well, I suppose I should introduce myself too! My name is Jeremy and I am one of the founders of Get CBD Deals. I’ve been working with Mark over at our sister site, VAPE.DEALS, since late 2015.

    I first tried CBD several years ago, but the idea for this site didn’t come until mid-2017 when I was visiting my parents in Florida. My Dad was complaining about his arthritis, which has been escalating for years. So, I started looking into CBD as a possible remedy. As I was doing my research, 2 things immediately became clear: (1) CBD is expensive, and (2) The industry is exploding. Those 2 things brought me to the following conclusion: there is a huge demand for both CBD DEALS and CBD EDUCATION (I was certainly in need of both!). Not long after that, Mark and I started developing this site, hoping that others (like ourselves) might benefit from it.

    I guess that brings us to the present. My Dad is finally getting relief thanks to some topicals from CBDfx; I began a new CBD regimen of my own (for migraines, anxiety, and insomnia); and Get CBD Deals is finally ready to launch!

    I realize this site is still in its infancy, but Mark and I are very excited to see where it can go. We’ve been doing our best to round up a list of reliable CBD vendors and manufacturers, and that list is growing every day. If you happen to be one of those vendors and would like your deals featured here, just register with the site (upper right) and fill out the “Submit a Post” form. We won’t be able to feature all of them, but we’ll certainly do the best we can.

    If you’re just a consumer, AWESOME! We could seriously benefit from your input right here in the forums. Product reviews, questions, customer service experiences, CBD facts/science/education, feedback, whatever!

    If you’d like to reach out to me (or anyone else here) personally, feel free to register a free user account with Get CBD Deals. That will allow you to send messages, create a friends list, submit deals, set notifications, etc. This site was intended to be a community, and we really hope you’ll be a part of that.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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