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Reef CBD Elektra Hemp Flower

$21.25 $29.99
Reef CBD Elektra Hemp Flower
Reef CBD Elektra Hemp Flower
$21.25 $29.99


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Reef CBD is selling their new Elektra Hemp Flower for only $24.99 (3.5G jar) right now.  That’s already $5 off the regular price, but you can get an extra 15% off if you apply the coupon code at checkout.  That works out to just $21.25 + FREE shipping!  Sounds like a solid deal to me.  This is probably just an introductory offer, so take advantage of it while you can.

Reef CBD Elektra Hemp Flower

Reef is proud to offer Elektra CBD Flower to our customer base. Elektra is a popular strain with huge demand on the market currently. This strain of cbd flower is known for its strong scent and unique earthy taste with hints of pine, citrus and diesel.

Effects: Roll it. Pack it. However you decide to smoke it, your first inhale will take effect within moments due to the high amounts of CBD. An overall body Zen is experienced, giving you a sense of relaxation while staying alert. A mood elevation comes as a sense of well-being is noticeable. The more you smoke, the better the effects can be, my chronic pain seemed to fade away the more I smoked. What may be enough for one person, may differ to the next, smoke accordingly and start small. Some reported to keep the Zen feeling for up to 4 hours.

  • Jar Size: 3.5 Grams (1/8th ounce)
  • CBD Amount: 14-17%
  • THC Amount: Less than .3%
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