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Canna Trading Co CBD Tincture Sampler

$51.22 $59.91
Canna Trading Co CBD Tincture Sampler
Canna Trading Co CBD Tincture Sampler
$51.22 $59.91


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Canna Trading Co is offering you a chance to try all their best-selling products for one low price.  Their CBD Sampler includes a bottle of their Anxiety, Inflammation, and Sleep Aid tinctures.  You could order it today for only $56.91.  Even better: select the Subscribe & Save option to get an additional 10% off.  Grand Total: only $51.22.  Not bad for 519mg of Broad Spectrum CBD (173mg per bottle). 

Anxiety Calming CBD Tincture: The special blend of natural terpenes and hemp oil may help support your body in naturally calming itself during periods of increased anxiety. Our proprietary blend of natural terpenes also aids in providing the entourage effect of the CBD while improving the flavor and aroma of the tincture.

Inflammation Reducing CBD Tincture: Our CBD Inflammation Tincture is specifically designed to support the reduction of inflammation caused by injury or other short or long-term health conditions such as arthritis, IBS/IBD and multiple sclerosis. The natural, plant-based terpenes selected for this formula aid in enhancing the flavor, aroma and healing potential of the tincture.

Sleep Aid CBD Tincture: Canna Trading’s CBD Sleep Tincture combines all-natural CBD oil derived from hemp with plant-based terpenes. Our formula is designed to support achieving a better night’s sleep. The flavor and aroma of this tincture are improved with our special blend of plant-based terpenes.

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