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KannaBidioiD CBD E-liquid (250mg) BOGO Sale

$29.99 $91.90
KannaBidioiD CBD E-liquid (250mg) BOGO Sale
KannaBidioiD CBD E-liquid (250mg) BOGO Sale
$29.99 $91.90


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The team over at Fuggin Hemp is having a BOGO Sale on KannaBidioiD CBD E-liquid right now.  You can pick up 2x 250mg bottles for only $29.99!  Just be sure to apply the coupon code in this post at checkout.  The original price was $44.95 per bottle, so you’re looking at a serious discount here.  They currently have 2 flavors to choose from: Lemon Cream and Apple Pie.

KannaBidioiD CBD E-liquid

  • 250mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
  • 25,000mg of Kanna per 30ml bottle
  • 60 1/2ml (15 drops) serving per bottle
  • 2.5mg of CBD per 1/2ml serving
  • 416mg of Kanna per 1/2ml serving
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